PLANNING FRAMEWORKS FOR DANCE: an exchange between italian and international experiences Round table

Coordinators: Claire Verlet (Director of dance programming at Théâtre De La Ville, Paris), Gigi Cristoforetti (Director of the National Dance Foundation)

Panelists: Filippo Fonsatti (Director of Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale and President of Federvivo), Carlo Fuortes (Superintendent at Teatro dell’Opera, Rome), Natalia Alvarez (Director of Teatros del Canal and Canal Dance Center di Madrid)

It is now customary, at the international level, to plan and programme using a multidisciplinary approach: and this should soon take root in Italy as well. But this can only happen on the basis of a new legal framework, of a more decisive openness in the dialogue between professionals of different sectors; but also of the study of new models which can serve as a starting point, so as to arouse the curiosity of the audiences without confusing them, and start an irreversible process of communication of what contemporary dance really is in its widest sense. With its many colours, tones and rhythms.

The starting point of the meeting in Gorizia is the diverse experience of professionals that have not only worked on the border which unites and divides different disciplines, but also inside important institutions in several countries. Is it possible to identify some models? Some trends? Some promotional actions which can be applied to any context? Answering these questions is not an easy task; but we can combine observation and experience with the proposal of some operational solutions. And these two aspects – the study of experiences and the proposals of new models – will be at the core of our discussion.