Bolero - Firenze

The author: Loris Petrillo

Performers: Lorenzo Di Rocco, Gabriele Vernich, Luca Zanni, Gianmarco Martini Zani, Nicola Cisternino, Giuseppe Iacoi, Boris Desplan, Riccardo Papa

Credits: Maitre de ballet: Bruno Milo Assistenti alle coreografie: Maria Vittoria Feltre e Yoris Petrillo con la collaborazione di Valerio Cassa - House of Awanawaack Realizzazione costumi: Opificio della Moda e del Costume Disegno luci e direttore tecnico: Alessandro Ruggiero Datore tecnico e audio: Orso Casprini Fotografia e Video: Salvatore Abrescia Coproduzione: Compagnia Opus Ballet e Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena in collaborazione con: Compagnia Petrillo Danza

Artistic proposal:

With his new production Bolero, Loris Petrillo extrapolates a classic of the repertoire from their historical setting and transforming it into a contemporary esthetic.

Doing so, the choreographer continues his personal research based on an extreme version of the ballet repertoire increasing the vision through his physical language.

This production’s core is the male body, analyzed and used at the service of a strong, poetic and ironic dance.

In the specific, Bolero is choosed as a transparent pretext for testing the physical possibilities of the dancers in order to develop a sort of game between rhythms and choreographical pattern.

Bolero is an “obstinate” ongoing, piece characterised, as in Ravel’s music, by the use of

the physical power never increasing or decreasing, but always sustained.

The male dancers appear as ancestral figures or perhaps as fighters in the battlefield; reason why behind their moving bodies the audience can assist to a screening of images from indigenous Maori involved in an Haka.

Watch the trailer:

The author:

Loris Petrillo ends his studies in ballet and contemporary dance between Italy and France. Highly relevant is the meeting with Dan Moisev in Paris, which helps him in the begging of his career.

After the experience as principal dancer at Balletto di Toscana,Italy, Loris Petrillo perform for many year with the Goteborgs Operan Ballet, the Ballet Royale de Wallonie and the Bern’s Stadttheatre.

To conclude his long and prestigious career paths, he’s invited as choreographer for Aterballetto, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro di Torino, Teatro Sociale di Rovigo e Opus Ballet Company.

In 2000 the choreographer found his own company, Compagnia Petrillo Danza, for which he creates a rich repertoire of productions regarding social, political and cultural matters.

Since 2010 Loris Petrillo collaborates with Opus Ballet Company for the creation of “Caravan”, “Swan Lake”, “Bolero” and “Gaite Parisienne”.

The company:

The Opus Ballet Company is directed by Rosanna Brocanello and based in Florence.Featuring multiple techniques and styles, through a group of extraordinary choreographers, artists and residencies to which the dancers with their great flexibility have constant access for limitless renewal open to experimentation.Since its inception, the company avails itself of the collaboration of important national and international choreographers such as Loris Petrillo, Patrick King, Peter Mika, Corinne Lanselle, German Jareguie, and Vasco Wellenkamp.The Company receives the support of the Tuscany Region and presents its choreography in important national and international contests and festivals.The productions presented since 2012 to this day are “Swan Lake” by Loris Petrillo, “Otello” by Arianna Benedetti, and “La belle de sommeil” by Philippe Talard, realized in co-production with the Grand Theatre de la Ville du Luxembourg, they have continued on tour since their debut receiving significant acclaim from audiences and critics. Recently Opus Ballet Company has presented “Bolero&Gaite Parisienne”, a new production once again signed Loris Petrillo.Furthermore it sustained the works of consolidated choreographers such as Samuele Cardini and Angela Placanica, and even of young authors such as Aurelie Mounier, Maria Vittoria Feltre and Gustavo De Oliveira.