The most beautiful open door on Italy: this is how the great painter Max Klinger described Gorizia. Giacomo Casanova and Carlo Goldoni wrote about the extraodinary nature of this city over the past centuries: each visitor, whether famous or not, has always noticed and sensed a particular atmosphere, a unique originality, created by the presence of many different traditions in one single city.

Gorizia is indeed the crossroads of the great European cultures – the Latin, the Slavic and the Germanic – and this uniqueness is mirrored in its roads, squares, restaurants and cafés, recipes, and in the charm of its gardens.
Nowadays Gorizia is a city which has managed to preserve its characteristics of a “garden city”, where public and private parks blend with the architecture, and where the streets and the outlines of the buildings, the domes, and the atmosphere of the cafés bear witness to its mitteleuropean origin.

A city of contrasts and conflicts, of historical harmonies and dystonias, Gorizia lies along the most fascinating Italian river, the blue Isonzo, surrounded by hills and plains whose vineyards give – as a matter of fact – the best white wines in the world.

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